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On July 24th and 25th, appointment at the prestigious headquarters of the Tadini Academy of Lovere for the seventh edition of the Tadini International Piano Competition. The initiative is open, as always, to all young piano performers aged 5 and up. On Sunday, July 25th, in the prestigious Concert Hall of the Academy it will be possible to attend to the performance of the first absolute prizes, among which the Jury will announce the Grand Prix Tadini 2021. The public will also be the protagonist by assigning a special prize. The Grand Prix consists of a scholarship that includes free participation in the Tadini Campus 2022, expenses included. The absolute first prizes of each category will receive a scholarship as per the Regulations. In addition, a series of concerts throughout Italy will be organized in 2022 by Pianofriends for the first absolute prize winner of E Category.
Artistic direction Vincenzo Balzani & Claudio Piastra

Tadini International Piano Competition 2021 Rules for Application

1)  PianoFriends Association, in collaboration with the Lovere Tadini Academy,

organizes the “Tadini International Piano Competition 2021” 2)  The Competition will take place on July 24th and 25th, 2021 in the hall of

the Tadini Academy, in Lovere (BG). 3)  The Gala Concert of the winners will be held on July 25th, 2021 at 8.30 pm, at the Tadini Academy in Lovere. 4)  The Competition is open to candidates of every nationality. 5)  The competition will be divided into five categories:

A category: 5 to 7 years B category: 8 to 10 years C category: 11 to 13 years D category: 14 to 18 years E category: 19 to 25 years 6)  COMPETITION PERFORMANCES

A category: free program, max duration 6 minutes B category: free program, max duration 9 minutes C category: free program, max duration 12 minutes D category: free program, max duration 15 minutes E category: free program, max duration 20 minutes INTERNATIONAL PIANOTALENTS COMPETITION 2021 – Rules – page 1 of 4 2021_Tadini_Rules_ENG.doc Prizes

First absolute prize, A Category: € 200

First absolute prize, A Category: € 400

First absolute prize, A Category: € 600

First absolute prize, A Category: € 800

First absolute prize, A Category: € 1000 donated by the Lovere Lions Club

The winners of each category will have to take part to another performance on July 25th, 2021, at the Gala Concert. In this occasion, the “Tadini International Piano Competition” award, consisting of a Pianocampus Lovere 2022 scholarship, will be assigned. It provides for free participation in the PianoCampus at the Tadini Academy for a week's stay (including room and board).

Prize concerts E category

Prize concert in exhibition “Iseo Lake Festival 2022” at Tadini Academy in Lovere.

Prize concert in exhibition “ Note d’Estate 2022” at Rocca Brivio in San Giuliano Milanese.

Prize concert organized in Milan (season 2021/22) by PianoFriends Association.

Prize concerts provide the only refund of travel and accommodation fees.

7) Voting method

A First absolute prize and a Diploma will be awarded to the candidates with a score not lower than 98/100.

A First prize Diploma will be awarded to the candidates with a score not lower than 95/100.

A Second prize Diploma will be awarded to the candidates with a score not lower than 90/100.

A Third prize Diploma will be awarded to the candidates with a score not lower than 85/100.

A certificate of merit will be awarded to the candidates with a score not lower than 80/100.

A certificate of attendance will be awarded to all the other candidates.

INTERNATIONAL PIANOTALENTS COMPETITION 2021 – Rules – page 2 of 4 2021_Tadini_Rules_ENG.doc 8)  REGISTRATION Candidates must register no later than June, 20th 2021 by filling in the

registration form which can be found on the website Candidates must show a valid identity document to the competition

secretary before the competition.

Registration fee:

A Category € 50 B Category € 60 C Category € 70 D Category € 80 E Category € 90

Registration fee can be paid by bank transfer to the account headed to Associazione Pianofriends:

IBAN IT46Q0335901600100000069651 BIC/ SWIFT BCITITMX Banca Prossima Filiale di Milano Piazza Paolo Ferrari 10, 20131 Milan

The purpose of the transfer must contain the words "Iscrizione Tadini International Music Competition" section Piano, the surname of the candidate and the category.

The subscription won't be considered valid without any payment fees.

Registration fees are not refundable except in the case of cancellation of the competition.

Each candidate must indicate compositions chosen and their duration on the registration sheet. Judges may decide not to award prizes if they do not deem any candidate worthy. Judges’ decisions are unquestionable. 9)  All performances are public. 10)  In the event of force majeure problems, in particular connected with the Covid-19 Pandemic, the competition can be held remotely. In this case, an addition to these Regulations will be published specifying the methods of online participation.

INTERNATIONAL PIANOTALENTS COMPETITION 2021 – Rules – page 3 of 4 2021_Tadini_Rules_ENG.doc 11)  In the case of radio or television production, or audio and / or video recording of the competition rehearsals and the Gala concert, candidates have no right to make any claim or request in relation to the production and broadcasting bodies. For underage candidates, a release signed by a parent or guardian must be presented, authorizing the Secretariat to process personal data, including the dissemination of photographic, audio and video material. 12)  The candidates awarded at the “Tadini International Piano Competition” will have to undertake in the future to use the title actually issued by the jury. Any abuse will be prosecuted according to the law. 13)  The jury is composed by eminent artists of Italian and foreign nationality. The members of the Jury can present their students upon notice to the secretariat at the beginning of the competition. In this case, they will abstain from voting on their students. 14)  The Regulations in the Italian language shall prevail, and the Court of Milan shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute. 15)  The participation at the competition is a tacit approval of all rules written above.