Returns and Refunds

Returns and Exchanges Policy

THE RIGHT OF RETURN OR REFUND allows you to return a product / service or withdraw from a contract without communicating the reason, without penalties and above all by obtaining a refund.

We at Music-Cart are particularly careful so that our users are fully aware of all the regulations relating to the protection of consumer rights by providing all the necessary assistance in order to guarantee total satisfaction for a better shopping experience on our platform. .

In this regard, we inform you that:

Article 52 of the Consumer Code establishes that the consumer, when dealing with remote commercial offers, can exercise the right of withdrawal within 14 working days (our system excludes non-working days) and receive a refund within the same term. .

But not only that: those who make use of this right do not suffer penalties and do not have to specify the reason for the rethinking.

To exercise it, a communication must be sent to the company. In this regard, you can act in one of the following ways:

  1. Send an email from your certified email address to the company's certified email address
  2. Fill out the return request form .

It is important to emphasize that it is the seller who must specify the methods of withdrawal, return of the product / service and refund of the money.

If he does not fulfill this obligation, the terms of the right of reconsideration extend to 12 months and 14 days from receipt of the goods / signature of the contract.

Return costs (i.e. return costs)

The return costs are charged to the customer, even if some shops choose to bear them (in this regard, refer to the commercial policy of our individual partners).

The procedure for returning purchases purchased on our marketplace is illustrated step by step below, which will handle the return and refund within the period of 14 days from the purchase.

As for the costs of returning the goods, please pay attention to the commercial policy of our sales partners.

Return procedure


1. Pack all items in their original packaging. Items purchased as a set must be returned as a set.


2. Fill out the return request form .


3. Paste the packing slip with the details of our partner shop that made the sale


4. Send the package to the sender's address.


5. After sending the package we will follow you step by step until your rights are fully satisfied, for your best experience on Music-Cart

The return and refund policy depends solely on

Suitability of items for return or refund

Customers have the right to return purchased items without defining the reason within 14 (fourteen) calendar days from the time of receipt of such items from the Seller or its representatives. Items can be returned if consumer properties, factory labels and ready-to-sell condition are retained.

To return items, customers must submit their proof of purchase copy and completeet = "_ blank"> the return request form.

Rules on the return and exchange of items with defects found:

Customers have the right to inform the Seller of any defects discovered and request to correct them within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the time of receipt of the Items by the Seller or its representatives. The only exception is defects caused by improper handling of the items by the customer.

Customers have the right to reject defective items and ask for a cash refund. In this case, the Items must be returned to the Seller, keeping the factory labels intact and keeping the products in question in perfect condition.

To return items, you must keep all purchase copies and complete the return request form .


Our return and refund policy is described above. According to EEC regulation, shops are legally required to publish their refund policy. If a shop does not publish a return policy, the law requires the shop to accept returns within 12 months and 14 days of purchase.